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Dog Tales, by Susy Flory

Dog Tales: Inspirational Stories of Humor, Adventure, and Devotion is a collection of dramatic, heart wrenching and sometimes hilarious true dog stories. If you always suspected your dog of being a hero at heart, you have proof with these miraculous dog tales. Dog Tales shows that sometimes the most ordinary mutt can impact lives in an unforgettable way.

Dog Tales: Inspirational Stories of Humor, Adventure, and Devotion, features 13 amazing true dog stories:

  • Selvakumar, a scruffy yellow dog in India who rescued a seven-year-old boy from the deadly tsunami.
  • Roselle, a guide dog who led her blind owner safely down 78 storiesof Tower 1 inside the World Trade Center on 9/11.
  • Faith, an abandoned two legged puppy who learned how to walk upright on her back legs
  • Toast, a stray dog who, through a miraculous reunion, taught faith, hospitality and hope to two women who had lost all hope.
  • Freddie, a cranky Pekingese who fought off a bloodthirsty golden eagle who wanted to eat him for dinner
  • Andre, a survivor who found himself caught in a wolf trap
  • Highway Man, a homeless man's dog who would not be caught
  • Leo, the gentle mastiff locked away in an abandoned house
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