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Painting With Metro: How a Crippled Racehorse Rescued Himself (and Me) With a Paintbrush

Ron was an extremely shy and gentle man, hidden away in his studio painting portraits of dogs and afraid to answer the door. Metro was an extroverted, temperamental, and demanding Thoroughbred racehorse, one of the fastest turf sprinters at Belmont and Saratoga with $300,000 in winnings. Now, his knees were wrecked and no longer able to race, his future was very uncertain. When man and horse met, there were fireworks, including horse bites, kicks, and all around baditude. More jackass than pocket pony, Metro needed someone to understand what he’d been through and to take a chance on his future. Ron not only believed in his horse, he taught Metro how to paint stunning contemporary abstract paintings. Metro took to his new hobby with glee. As the stack of painted canvases grew, so did the bond between Ron and Metro, one brush stroke at a time. But as Metro’s fame grew, Ron was forced to choose between staying in the shadows and facing his worst fears—leaving the house and interacting with people. He did it, for the love of a horse. Today, Metro is one of the world’s most famous horses and his paintings are helping other racehorses get a fresh chance at a new life.